Recent Projects


MITS is developed as a web application that interfaces with VTIGER API and DROPBOX API to provide an all-in-one solution to our client for both displaying information, products and services and also customer relationship management (CRM) offered by the VTIGER system. Mits Gallery syncs from dropbox folders via the dropbox API for easy picture management and storage. MITS also has a custom Cart built with Opencart at that interfaces with VTIGER API to sync products and product information to the opencart database.

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Igentik is a complete network monitoring solution with automated montoring and discovery capabilities, powerful data archiving and a robust notification system. Igentik monitoring uses SNMP, NMAP, NETFLOW etc. network monitoring tools to ensure enterprise standard network monitoring and accurate device monitoring data.

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Kano State Rugby Association (KSRA) Website

The features of KSRA website include collecting clubs and organization data with officials, teams, players, events and gallery. KSRA was designed to be informative and interractive for easy access of information about any Rugby organization under the KSRA.

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