Jun 12, 2019

ECNX Developments software development follows a consistent modular software development technique. There is a software development principle called the principle of modularity. This principle is a specialization of the principle of separation of concerns. Following the principle of modularity implies separating software into components according to functionality and responsibility. When employing this principle, you can swap or exclude chunks of functionality without affecting the application or application architecture. Using modularity Software are not only broken down into different software modules that perform different functionality and features, but these modules could also be licensed separately. This is important because clients do not need to pay for or download gigabytes of functionality they are never going to use. The risk of not modularizing a software is that making feature updates may require tearing down the software and developing it all over again and this may not only be a very confusing process but also time consuming. Bugs could also be introduced into the core of the software in this process.


Contact us for your modular software development and proper UI/UX for your clients ranging from mobile application development for Android and iOS to web application development. Regardless of whether you have a small scale application development or a large scale, utilizing a wide variety of complicated APIs and logic, we're the deFacto.

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