Jun 12, 2019

ECNX Developments in partner with WDC65XX is coming up with an FPGA based development board that features many communication capabilities. The FPGA is IntelĀ® Max 10-16 FPGA Altera 8bit/16bit based on 65XX with 296K Flash with memory protect and 59K RAM. It is an IoT CPU Development board for entry-level evaluation of WDC Microcontroller development for commercial and IoT focused developer based systems.


The main board is referred to as a MyMensch board from WDC65XX. The datasheet can be accessed from here. The block diagram of the MyMensch board is shown in the figure below.


The external board will feature peripherals capable of being interfaces with a LoRa Bluetooth BLE Module, Ethernet Module, Low Power WiFi Module, Real time Clock module, Battery/Power management module and eventually more modules as our community grows and requests are made.

Hardware IoT