Jun 12, 2019

ECNX Developments has developed an FPGA Based IoT board. The highlight of this development board is the Intel® Max 10-16 FPGA Altera 8bit/16bit based on 65XX. The board features three clock modes 32.686KHz, 1.8432MHz and 14.768MHz which means the board can be run at really low power when there are no intensive tasks to be run. The IoT board features an onboard LoRaWan + Bluetooth LE communication module and a GPS/Accelerometer module aswell. For your security needs, there is an onboard CryptoAuthentication co-processor to handle all forms of communication and data encryption.

The image below shows the board front view


The image below shows the board back view


The features of this board are listed below:

The previous version of our IoT board featured a GSM Module and a Bluetooth LE module instead of a single LoRA + BLE module but it was discontinued due to the observed power consumption of the GSM module and various upgrades that needed to be done on the board. Below is an image of the previous version of the IoT board.


This board will soon be publicly available for sale as rapid development libraries are being developed. You can Contact Us for any enquiries or special order and we will be happy to give you a special sneek preview and also answer any questions you might have.

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